This set of pages will be populated when the first cohort of Leverhulme KOM scholars are in place: the programme’s intention is that they should learn useful transferable skills by developing this website. For now, here is a short list of relevant resources:

  • at King’s, there are two centres which run relevant events: the Centre for Late Antique and Medieval Studies (CLAMS) and the Centre for Early Modern STudies (CEMS)
  • also significant for our programme is the King’s Digital Lab
  • in Canterbury, MEMS runs a regular series of seminars: you can find out about these from the MEMS News site
  • MEMS also hosts a student-curated digital library of resources for medieval and early modern studies called MEMSLib

Only slightly further afield, you may be interested in these activities:

You may also want to know more about our funders, the Leverhulme Trust. Their website provides a history of the charity as well as a listing of the range of grants they provide.